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The Capital Fitness Center offers its members the best conditions for performing recreational and professional trainings.

The equipment in The Capital Fitness Center represents a complete assortment of the most modern fitness equipment produced by the world-renowned brand TechnoGym, which is famous for its innovative technology in the spheres of wellness, sports and health.

Within the fitness center, there is everything that any exerciser may need:
• An area for full-body cardio workout,
• An area with a complete set of equipment for strength exercises,
• An area for functional and rehabilitation exercise.

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+382 69 30 11 11

+382 69 30 11 11

Want to train with us?
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Podgorica, Saturday 23.09.2023 – The Capital Fitness Center and Sport Vision will organize a traditional Fitness Day on Saturday, September 23, in the atrium of The Capital Plaza. This event aims to inspire and motivate citizens to regularly engage in recreational sports in order to improve their quality of life.     Fitness Day provides…

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Kai Greene – favorite chest exercises:   In the off season, Kai weighs about 300 pounds (about 135kg) of very good muscle mass. Right before the competition Kai weighs about 275 (about 125kg) superbly sculpted muscles, full of striations and separations. When you look at him closely, you simply wonder how it is possible for…

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